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Research Overview

Harnessing transition metal catalysis and electrochemical methods for novel selectivity and reactivity in organic synthesis

Research conducted in our group will focus on challenges and opportunities in catalysis and synthesis, with a particular interest in (electro)catalyst development. Our motivation will be to cultivate new strategies for sustainable synthesis, improving catalyst efficiency and selectivity in (electro)chemical reactions. The general research goals of the Derosa Lab center on the development and application of transition metal catalysts for new synthetic organic methodology. These projects will involve interdisciplinary, yet complementary, areas of research; along with extensive training in organic synthesis and methods development at its core, students will gain mastery in inorganic and organometallic chemistry as well as electroanalytical techniques. Moreover, the catalytic manifolds developed in the Derosa Lab will have direct application across a wide range of subdisciplines, offering rich collaborative opportunities in diverse areas of research. This offers exciting opportunities for translational research in medicinal and process chemistry.

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